If you have used The McKellar Group to buy or sell your home, you already know how great Medina is. She has great reviews that describe her as knowledgeable, detail oriented, professional and courteous. But did you know that she also has an Interior Designer on her team that is just as great?! Mrs. Jamie Riley, Medina’s Assistant and Listing Coordinator, graduated from Louisiana Tech University with her Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design. She has assisted in the staging of homes, decluttering, picking paint colors for sellers and helping to freshen up spaces.

She took a moment to give us a few tips on cost efficient ways to update / change the look of your home without breaking the bank. Here is her list of recommendations:

  1. Transform a room by adding simple things such as new paint, throw pillows, a new rug or even new bedding.
  2. When deciding on a paint color, it is easier to match your paint choice to an accent piece you already have. It is harder to match items to an existing paint color. So, if you are wanting to paint, keep that in mind.
  3. When decorating shelves always follow the 1/3 rule. They should consist of 1/3 empty shelves, 1/3 books and 1/3 decor.
  4. When decorating shelves, think of different ways to store items i.e. storing DVDs / Blue Rays in a basket.
  5. You can also clean up the look your shelves by turning your book
    s so that the spine is facing the inside of the shelf or wrapping your books in butcher paper. Also try lying books horizontal instead of standing them vertical.
  6. For smaller items, try displaying them on top of a box or stack of books to create more height. Also be sure to add plants for softness and texture.
  7. Wallpaper is back in style!! Yes… you read that right. There are many options to choose from on Amazon and guess what… its easy to install AND remove. Just look up removable wallpaper! You can even add this to the back of a bookshelf to add a pop of color or design without going overboard.
  8. If you are updating a bathroom, simple changes such as a new shower curtain, new towels and new rugs can do the trick.
  9. Another simple way to change the look of a bathroom is to add a nice frame to a standard mirror. Here is a link for a great site that allows you to just stick the frame to the mirror! http://www.mirrormate.com

Although she works at The McKellar Group, she still does projects / jobs outside of our business hours. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to her! jamierileylcr@gmail.com


And bring her doughnuts. 🙂