With Spring 6 weeks away, some people are beginning to get their yard(s) / lots cleaned up and prepared for summer. Are you looking for someone to take care of your yard for you? This may be something that interests you. Nashville-based GreenPal, is an app that connects homeowners with local, vetting lawn care professionals and just launched in Conroe on January 16, 2019. Co-founder Gene Caballero said the app works like Uber for lawn care with in-app payments and reviews and has already launched successfully in 50 other cities, including Houston, Dallas and Miami. Here are a couple of the reviews that have already been left.

Lucille Mooney Lawn Service in Conroe TX
“Hello, I just wanted to share my experience on GreenPal for anyone who wants to know how it actually works. I was in desperate need of an affordable landscaping company in Conroe after my family moved to a different state. We hadn’t sold our house yet but we had to move, so we needed someone to come by on short notice whenever our agent told us she had potential buyers. Not one lawn care service in Conroe could commit to that kind of late scheduling, so we were hard pressed for a while. We happened to connect with a man on GreenPal who literally just did lawn mowing in Conroe, and he was able to go out for a quick grass cutting the next day. It took a long time to sell our house, and when we finally did one of the selling points was that our backyard and front lawn were always so neat. We would still be paying two mortgages if we hadn’t found our lawn mower.”
David Little Yard Mowing in Conroe TX
“I think what intimidates people about GreenPal is not knowing who they are hiring for their local lawn care, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I had the same thoughts when I signed on, but when local lawn care services started contacting me, it went away. It looks pretty foreign at first, like you’re throwing your money into space on the internet, but you’re actually supporting people in your city. There was one landscaping company near me that I hired, and after talking with the guy it turned out I had already met him several times, he was one of the local landscapers at Wedgewood Golf Course! Maybe it was just coincidence, but it eased my tension on who exactly I was hiring to help me with my lawn care needs. GreenPal does a good job of localizing your options, so really you’re just hiring someone you share the same grocery stores with.”

To see what the app is all about, click the link —-> www.yourgreenpal.com/tx/conroe-lawn-care


Information found at communityimpact.com and yourgeenpal.com